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CafAi?? de altura is a place to communicate and support technology and Internet innovators, that means anybodwrite my essayy with fresh ideas who needs help implementing them or promotion for your new project. We can help you develop feasible ideas in less time.

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We’ve noticed through the last few years that those with the possibility and resources to innovate are not getting through. The government, companies and the media are happy to adopt external innovations without promoting internal creativity and without any new solutions or interesting services to offer.

Particularly, innovation in Internet technology is very limited where it exists in our countries. Most developers are hired just to imwrite my essayplement traditional administrative systems, without regard to their talent and creativity.

There are talented people in our countries with innovative and fresh ideas, capable of producing successful and sustainable projects. Our main reasons to launch CafAi?? de Altura are:

ai??? Promote creativity in technology.
ai??? Help creative developers become independent.
ai??? Create viable technological concepts
ai??? Help projects grow by listening and learning from each other.
ai??? Provide tools for entrepreneurs to have a good start and a great chance at succeding.
ai??? Promote the feasibility of these projects among potential investors.

The spirit behind all this is twofold: we want to foster a creative environment at the same time we collaborate. We want to share. We want write my essayto listen. We want to create quality networking and help those who start with us. Our goal is to encourage these kinds of activities that are currently not common in our countries in order to help you be innovative. We want to stimulate creative people so they can generate knowledge and far reaching new ideas.

How do I know CafAi?? de Altura is for me?

Glad you asked. We want you to be part of our project, but we’d also like our initiative to be productive to those who decide to participate with us. If you identify yourself with any of the following, CafAi?? de Altura is for you.

ai??? You are an entrepreneur and develop innovative software.
ai??? You wish to implement a software idea but your current employer won’t let you.
ai??? You are currently developing software and technology and you wish to take them to the next level.
ai??? You are a developer with new ideas in mobile devices, Internet and other technological areas.
ai??? You are a mid-sized capital investor looking for high ROI margins with minimal risks.
ai??? You are part of the media and understand that we cannot hope for innovation to keep coming from abroad.

How can I participate?

There will be many opportunities: online, through social networking sites, blogs and forums. But what we really want is to promote interaction in real life with meetings and discussion panels. We want to create a movement which will help yowrite my essayur ideas come true and be known everywhere.
There will be many other initiatives and we foresee great opportunities for you in the future.

We already have our first meeting planned. It will take place this next Saturday, June 28th, at 4 pm in Mexico City, at the Konditori Restaurant: Insurgentes Sur #126, Extremadura Insurgentes, Col. Del Valle.
Seats are limited. Please register to reserve yours.

This is not for those who already believe. Our main challenge is to make the media and influential personalities notice and turn to our community efforts. But just click that will also be part of our innovation.

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