scotty cameron putters “The full legal impact of the Fourth Circuit’s decision

Traditional marriage backers urge registers of deeds to follow their conscience

One of the groups that fought to pass an amendment to the state constitution that had the effect of banning same sex marriages has circulated a legal memo saying that registers of deeds and their staffs cannot be forced to issue marriage licenses that conflict with their religion.

"There are statutory and constitutional protections available for any Register of Deeds or staff member whose strongly held religious beliefs would make them refrain from issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples," Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the North Carolina Values Coalition, wrote in an email Friday. "They can claim their First Amendment right not to violate their religious beliefs."

The memo was drafted by Alliance Defending Freedom, although it was not attributed to a specific attorney or other individual. According to the group, it was founded in 1994 and "has made a significant impact for God’s Kingdom through its winning legal efforts to preserve religious freedom for people of faith."

In its memo, the group offers legal help to registers of deeds who feel they are being forced to act contrary to their conscience.

"The full legal impact of the Fourth Circuit’s decision,
scotty cameron putters, including whether it undermines other traditional restrictions on marriage, like bigamy or consanguinity,
mizuno mp 54, is not yet known," reads the memo. "Some registers of deeds might believe that they face a serious dilemma: either resign their positions or violate their sincerely held religious or moral beliefs about marriage by being forced to issue marriage licenses to relationships inconsistent with those beliefs. But registers of deeds, as explained herein, can resolve this potential conflict."

The memo specifically suggests appointing a deputy within the office to handle marriage licenses when such a conflict arises.

Chris Sgro, executive director of Equality NC, a group that opposed the marriage amendment and helped push for its defeat in the courts, said a pair of federal court orders "enjoins both the state and those employees from enforcing Amendment One in any way."

He described the Alliance’s memo as "intentionally misleading," pointing to a directive on the topic issued to magistrates by the state’s Administrative Office of the Courts earlier this week.

"I don’t believe there’s a reasonable legal argument to be offered on not conducting marriages,
scotty cameron putters," Sgro said.

ACLU state legal director Chris Brook said opponents of same sex marriage have tried the same gambit unsuccessfully in other states. is because, in the words of Justice (Antonin) Scalia, writing for the court majority in Employment Division v. Smith, Court jurisprudence has consistently held that the right of free exercise does not relieve an individual of the obligation to comply with a valid and neutral law of general applicability on the ground that the law proscribes (or prescribes) conduct that his religion prescribes (or proscribes),’" Brook explained to WRAL News. Constitution, now definitively interpreted in North Carolina to allow the freedom to marry."

"As Governor McCrory and other officials have made clear," Brook wrote, "Federal courts have agreed that the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection under the law for all citizens includes the right of gay and lesbian citizens to marry the person they love. The law is clear, and all state officials are bound to respect it."

"This has nothing to do with personal religious beliefs," added Sgro. "I fully support individual’s rights to their beliefs. This is about doing a job. Good, hardworking North Carolinians know that every job has requirements. These are state employees, and it is their job to issue licenses to same sex couples and conduct same sex marriages the same as they would for opposite sex couples."

That NOT TRUE, That is just another Scare tactic by The Communist Left.

My Wife had a Good Idea, Why don they set up at the State Fair a Place to Sign up and to get a Photo ID. I work at the Catholic Food Bank and the Liberals are in There every day signing people up, but I don see a camera there the Give them a Photo ID

If democrat wouldn get caught Cheating almost every Election this wouldn be going on. Posted by bmac813

not right forum, but please show me ONE instance where a democrat has gotten got cheating that has been proven accurate.

If a register of deeds conscience will not permit him/her to issue a marriage license then they should resign. It is not proper to force one religion down another throat,
callaway x2 hot, particularly when one is a public official and there is no religious test to hold office.


I am so sorry that someone has forced you to enter into a Same Sex Marriage against your will. My deepest apologies. If that is NOT the case, then please explain to me how it was "forced" down your throat.

Lefties have become so anti Christian that they would rather that 5000 Christians be offended over the lack of a pregame prayer, than have 1 atheist be offended because of it! Posted by veryfrustrated1

It has nothing with being Anti Christian. A good number of Liberals, including myself, are Christian. The difference is that I don think it right for me to use my personal beliefs to control other people lives. I don want to make anyone else pray the way I do,
odyssey putters, believe the way I do or act upon their beliefs the way I do. This whole SSM argument is a prime example of the Christian right trying to use their beliefs to control the behaviour of others and it incredibly conceited. The best analogy I have seen is not letting anyone else have a doughnut because you are on a diet. Trying to pass laws based on your specific reglious beliefs is no different than a Christian version of Sharia Law. And homosexual behaviour happens enough in nature that it has been used as reasoning in a SCOTUS ruling. You can say it unnatural all you want, but nature disagrees with you.

The USCon doesn give any rights to any person. Rights are "bestowed by our Creator". The purpose of the USCon is to set limits on what existing rights government can curtail.

Further, if nothing is in the USCon per a particular topic, the jurisdiction over that topic is left to the States (Amend 10). However, all State Laws must abide by the USCon (Supremacy Clause).

In the case of SSM, the Fed Courts has found that laws banning such acts are in violation of the Amend 14 (Equal Protection Clause).

Which brings us to your point: "I just wish you all [the left] would read it as it was written". I point out that "reading" and "comprehension" are two different things. Posted by krimson

unfortunately you cons always forget "Interpretation" and thus create your own "Interpretation" of this as well as the 2nd Amendment!

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The Qualifications to Become a K

A K 9 unit is a specialized group of law enforcement officers that train,
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EducationA bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, law enforcement, forensic sciences and other related concentrations is a key requirement to becoming a K 9 officer in most federal, state and local departments. You can obtain your degree online or part time to accommodate your work schedule. Technically speaking, most departments are willing to consider any type of four year degree, but a criminal justice degree or relevant police or other law enforcement experience, will make you more competitive.

Police TrainingTo become a K 9 officer, you must first become a police or law enforcement officer with a federal, state or local agency. Most K 9 officers initially train for several months at their regional police academy or at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center for federal billets. Police academy training involves department rules and regulations, state and federal laws, firearms operations,
mizuno mp 64, investigative techniques, vehicle operations and physical fitness, among other subjects. Some police academies briefly introduce the K 9 unit, but you will need to complete a separate K 9 training course to certify as a K 9 officer.

ExperienceMost K 9 law enforcement departments require at least two to four years of active duty experience as a police officer prior to applying to K 9 officer positions and the K 9 law enforcement training program. Police officer experience is crucial because officers need to be comfortable and competent in everyday police operations prior to assuming the added complexities of K 9 duties. Service dogs are also more likely to cooperate and train well if the handling officer is experienced, competent and confident.

K 9 TrainingQualified officers are required to complete an official department sponsored K 9 law enforcement training program to be K 9 certified. K 9 training programs vary in length,
scotty cameron putters, depending on police department or federal agency, but average about several weeks to few months. Some police departments and law enforcement agencies utilize external K 9 training programs to assist in training their service dogs and handling officers. K 9 training programs typically cover narcotics and explosive detection, handler training, search and rescue, public or crowd acclimatization and evidence detection techniques.

Character and ChemistryTo be a successful K 9 officer,
mizuno mp 54, you must also have the right chemistry, feel and attitude toward the unique responsibilities of the K 9 unit. You must possess a high level of patience, confidence and tolerance toward your service dog and be willing and able to accommodate it in your own home. You must be able to exercise restraint and self control in virtually all situations to ensure that your service dog will display proper behavior and good performance in challenging situations. You must possess overall good character and exude trust that will reflect in your service dog’s conduct.

ping g25 irons Prosecutors charged Steele last week with two counts of first degree intentional homicide in connection with the deaths of his wife

Trial date set for Andrew Steele

Steele is charged with two counts of First Degree Intentional Homicide.


MADISON, Wis. There is sufficient evidence for a former Dane County deputy to stand trial on two homicide charges,
ping g25 irons, according to the judge in Andrew Steele’s preliminary hearing.

Dane County Circuit Judge Steven Ebert made the decision during a hearing where a detective testified one of the victims told him Steele was the man who did the shooting.

Steele is accused of killing his wife and sister in law in his Fitchburg home last month.

The sister in law, Kacee Tollefsbol, was able to tell police that Steele shot her. She was shot in the back. Steele’s wife,
ping g30, Ashlee, was shot in the head.

ping g30 driver, Wis. (AP) A former southern Wisconsin sheriff’s deputy accused of killing his wife and sister in law is due back in court.

Andrew Steele is scheduled to appear in Dane County Circuit Court on Thursday morning for a preliminary hearing. That’s the step in the legal process where a judge decides whether there’s enough evidence to order a trial.

Prosecutors charged Steele last week with two counts of first degree intentional homicide in connection with the deaths of his wife, Ashlee Steele, and sister in law, Kacee Tollefsbol. Police found both women shot in the Steeles’ home in Fitchburg, a Madison suburb, on Aug. 22.

Friends, neighbors, co workers and community members gathered in Fitchburg tonight to remember and honor Ashlee Steele and Kacee Tollefsbol.

"She was always just so full of joy and ready with a smile," said Ashlee’s friend and co worker, Elsa Gumm.

The vigil was the first opportunity for people to come together in Fitchburg to remember Ashlee. The sisters’ family held a funeral service for both women in Minnesota on Friday,
ping g30 driver.

Church leaders spoke tonight, emphasizing the importance of coming together during the difficult time.

"All we can do is encourage people that this will all work out in some way," said Rev. Phil Haslanger with Memorial United Church of Christ.

Multiple churches came together to hold the candlelight vigil tonight and offer support for each other,
ping g30 irons.

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callaway x2 hot Yes

The Pattern of Criminal Behavior Within the Department of Justice

In case anyone missed it, there is a growing pattern of heinous criminal behavior within the Obama Department of Justice. We have in our midst a gang of pirates dressed as business men, in their Armani suits and Bruno Magli shoes, and pretending to be government officials. They do their unimaginable crimes and then hide from prosecution behind the veil created by our cumbersome federal bureaucracy, claiming to know nothing, blaming everything on underlings, or denying that anything happened at all.

There are two items of an especially horrifying nature that should be fully brought to the attention of every registered voter in the United States of America. These are the two known, failed, gun running operations planned, promoted, and carried out by the Department of Justice under Eric Holder: Operation Fast and Furious, and Operation White Gun.

Fast and Furious (F has been the subject of numerous news articles and reports concerning the on going investigation and hearings headed by Darryl Issa. Holder has denied knowing anything about the operation which was carried out from within his department. Over 2,000 weapons were allowed by the BAFTE to be illegally purchased by straw buyers,
callaway x2 hot, who then transported them into Mexico. The DOJ lost track of most of these weapons,
mizuno mp 54, which includes various assault weapons and machine guns, and several of them have already turned up in evidence at the murder scenes of several Americans.

But there is another such operation, of which I have no doubt Eric Holder will deny any knowledge. It was named Operation White Gun (WG). (modus operandi). Use federal money to buy weapons and sell them to illegal buyers under the premise that the guns will be tracked,
scotty cameron putters, but then, for some unexplained reason, the guns get lost and go to drug dealers in Mexico. Then,
mizuno mp 64, when the "fiasco" is discovered, deny, deny, deny.

Reports on WG do not include quantities of weapons involved, but they do identify that there may have been as much as $15 million involved in the budget available to the buyer. If this budget was used up then we could be talking about far more weapons than with F

The target of WG was supposedly Guzman Patino who was attempting to procure arms for the Sinaloa gang. El Chapo Guzman Loera’s "criminal group sought to strengthen its arsenal with grenade launchers and .50 caliber machine guns," said agent Hope A. MacAllister. According to Wikipedia, "White Gun and Fast and Furious both began in the fall of 2009,
odyssey putters, and both cases were run by the same ATF officials."

Wikipedia says, "In fall 2009, an ATF team sent an undercover agent posing as an arms dealer to Guzman Patino and photos of weapons, including a Dragon Fire 120 millimeter heavy mortar, were emailed to his ‘Superman6950′ Hotmail account." Guzman Patino told to the undercover agent that "if he would bring them a tank, they would buy it".

After that meeting, Patino Guzman and the agent met again outside the restaurant in Phoenix, where the undercover seller showed the criminal five weapons in the trunk of his car , including a Ramo .50 heavy machine gun and a Bushmaster rifle.

At the point that Guzman Patino was ready to buy, BATFE records of the investigation into his activities ended for no reason. Could it be for the purpose of "plausable deniability"? Who knows? But why would investigators be suddenly pulled off of a case when it is just about to yield its fruit? Agents do not dictate which assignments they get. Supervisors determine these things. It is safe to assume that this is the case with WG. Documents do not show why the investigation was halted, and they do not show if any guns were sold to Guzman, yet it is known that some "guns got away again". Burke, who later resigned over Fast and Furious, called the White Gun convictions "a tremendous team effort that put a stop to a well financed criminal conspiracy to acquire massive destructive firepower."

According to Steve Gill, "By that summer, [agent] MacAllister had gone to Mexico Cityto check the police and military vaults. The ATF documents don’t detail what she found, but they note she discovered ‘weapons in military custody related to her current investigations.’ "

Does anyone see a pattern yet? Can you spell "R A C K E T E E R I N G" ?

Yes, then what are we going to do about it?

More importantly, what are YOU going to do about it?

As a Tea Party member, I am going to continue to beat this drum long and loud!

There are criminals in the White House. There are criminals in the Department of Justice.

Tupelo Tea Party Examiner

It’s been said that when a man is young, if he is not a Democrat, then he has no heart. But when he is older, if he is not a Republican, then he has no sense. Jeff Waller adds to these addages, this: If a party member remains such when either of the parties begin to so closely resemble each other that the public very often cannot see the difference, and does not seek the Tea Party, then he is a fool. Waller has identified himself as all of these things at one time or another in his life; the Democrat, the Republican, the liberal, the conservative. He knows why voters in all viewpoints believe and vote the way they do. He has been them, and walked in their shoes. In recent years, there has been an amalgamation of the two party system where the GOP, especially, has been more interested in getting "something" done in the Congress than in supporting their core values. They have all (both parties) been of late more interested in bipartisanship than in doing the will of the people that elected them. This is repulsive to most of us, Left or Right! Along comes the Tea Party. Jeff has investigated them, learned about them, identified with and has now joined them. After being associated for approximately two years with the group and having developed a passion for the conservative values that they espouse, Waller has become a regular contributor to Tea Party Nation, the site founded by Judson Phillips. Because of his consistency of message and obvious determination, Waller was made a moderator of the site. As such, he has a level of access to some of the inner workings of the organization that other Examiners and reporters do not. He has influence in the decision making processes. He helps control new membership and site content. In short, he is an insider.

new balance canada whether the camera malfunctioned or if Dear simply failed to turn it on. Failure to record citizen contacts on video can result in discipline at APD.

No video of Mary Hawkes shooting

Editor note: This story has been updated with additional information,
new balance canada.

Albuquerque police on Wednesday confirmed that lapel camera technicians were unable to retrieve video from the officer who shot 19 year old Mary Hawkes last month after a foot chase, but they did release new videos taken after her shooting death.

The officer,
Hollister france, who has a history of not capturing encounters on video in which he used force,, is on desk duty while an Internal Affairs investigation is underway.

The other lapel videos Albuquerque police did release do not show the actual shooting,
Ralph Lauren Outlet UK Lantry knowledge of the city, but instead show officers stringing police tape, setting up a perimeter and investigating the scene of Hawkes death. They also provided a still image that shows what they said was a gun near her body and a still from a carwash surveillance video that shows her running near the scene, and police said there was an object in her hand.

However, in some lapel camera videos APD released that depict the same spot, which is a few feet southwest of her head, the gun cannot be seen. An APD spokeswoman said officers moved the gun into the dirt nearby officer safety after the still was captured. One video shows an object near her head as an officer arrives.

Dear shot and killed Hawkes in what police described as an auto theft followed by a foot chase in the early morning hours of April 21 near Zuni and Wyoming SE. Police said Hawkes pointed a gun at the pursuing officer, and APD Chief Gorden Eden said a .32 caliber semiautomatic pistol was found near Hawkes body.

Last week, " said Evan Weron, the state Office of the Medical Investigator released its autopsy report, which found Hawkes suffered three gunshot wounds, all fired from a downward trajectory, which entered her left ear, left upper arm and right shoulder. The OMI also found Hawkes had a high concentration of methamphetamine in her system at the time of her death.

In a news conference after the shooting, Eden said Dear lapel camera was sent to the manufacturer, TASER International,
Michael kors pas cher, to determine if any of the video could be retrieved. He declined to say then, and the department has yet to say, whether the camera malfunctioned or if Dear simply failed to turn it on. Failure to record citizen contacts on video can result in discipline at APD.

The videos released Wednesday show Hawkes, who is dressed in black, slumped over the sidewalk along Zuni. Police obscured her face on the video before releasing the videos to news media.

There were at least two other instances in early 2013 when Dear didn record his full encounters with the public, according to Dear personnel file.

In January 2013, Dear helped break up a Downtown brawl and, in the process, he strike (the 22 year old suspect) several times in his facial area with a closed fist, according to his description of the incident. Dear wrote that the man had struck him in the jaw and was resisting arrest, according to the personnel file. His lapel video was not on,
Louis Vuitton pas cher, but his partner was on for the beginning and aftermath, according to the file.

A month later, in February 2013, Dear pulled a man over for speeding. The man later filed a citizen complaint, alleging Dear used excessive force by pulling him out of his car, kicking him in the genitals and setting the handcuffs too tight.

Dear denied the excessive force allegations and said his lapel camera died soon after he approached the man. It unclear from the file whether he was disciplined.

Hawkes shooting death came within two weeks after the Department of Justice released its findings on APD policies and found deficiencies regarding deadly force, will provide a full archive of the Irish Examiner from the past and into the future., training and accountability for officers.

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Peninsula Hotels and Oscar de la Renta team on collection of bathroom amenities

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Silversea enhances Mediterranean cruise season with spectacular perks programNow this is just about what every Silversea Cruises’ passenger wants to hear. The company announced that is offering shore excursions plus WiFi on its summer of 2015 Mediterranean itineraries,
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Malibu gorgeous golden girl Gigi Hadid newest face for MaybellineShe’s the golden girl next door,
polo Ralph Lauren Australia " Philbin said. "This team, born in Malibu, California to be exact, with a perfect face to promote Maybelline makeup to the youth market. The cosmetics giant announced today Jan. 15, via press.

Polo Ralph Lauren Canada “Jim Harbaugh has not yet told Michigan a definitive no

Michigan offers Jim Harbaugh 6

The University of Michigan has offered San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh a six year, $48 million contract to become the university’s next head football coach, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Sources: Michigan has made another run at Jim Harbaugh after he initially rebuffed the school. U M has made an offer of 6 years, $48M. Wow.

Rapoport reported on Dec,
Polo Ralph Lauren Canada. 7 that Michigan had contacted Harbaugh about its head coaching vacancy. It has been rumored that Harbaugh is going to leave the 49ers at the end of the NFL season.

"Jim Harbaugh has not yet told Michigan a definitive no,
Michael Kors outlet UK," Rapoport said on NFL Network on Wednesday.

Michigan fired coach Brady Hoke on Dec. 2 after four seasons and an overall record of 31 20. The Wolverines went 5 7 this past season,
Ralph Lauren pas cher, failing to make a bowl game.

The views expressed below are not those of Click On Detroit,, WDIV, or its affiliated companies. By clicking on "Post," you acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Service and your comment is in compliance with such terms. Readers,
Ralph Lauren Canada, please help keep this discussion respectful and on topic by flagging comments that are offensive or inappropriate (hover over the commenter’s name and you’ll see the flag option appear on right side of that line). And remember, respect goes both ways: Tolerance of others’ opinions is important in a free discourse. If you’re easily offended by strong opinions, you might skip reading comments entirely.

Canada Goose UK Sale Jamie and Roy face off over the ensuing wrongful death suit brought against the city. Meanwhile

Missed episodes of ‘Unforgettable’ and ‘Reckless’ WILL air this Sunday,
Canada Goose UK Sale

The episodes you missed that were preempted after Rory McIlroy won the PGA Championship after a long and dramatic finale at Valhalla WILL air this Sunday,
Michael Kors Canada Outlet.

CBS made the announcement Tuesday afternoon and also said that the shows season finales would be announced at a later date.

"Throwing Shade" When one of Eliot’s oldest friends, the campaign manager for a mayoral candidate, is murdered, he is forced to face his past and current demons as Carrie and Al work to uncover the killer.

"Deep Waters" When an affluent Charleston socialite goes missing after a boating accident, Jamie and Roy face off over the ensuing wrongful death suit brought against the city. Meanwhile,, the tension between Jamie and Roy heats up when they share a dance at the Mayor’s ball. Also,
Isabel Marant Sneakers Pas Cher, Lee Anne finds support from an unlikely ally,
UGG Pas Cher, as her case is threatened when another woman brings similar charges of sexual harassment against the city.

new balance canada On Monday night

Piers Morgan schools Sean Hannity on gun control,
new balance canada

On Monday night,
hollister italia, ex CNN host and judge on Got Talent Piers Morgan sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity to rag on President Obama and fight about guns.

The two agreed that Obama had been a disappointment,
Louis Vuitton Outlet Uk turkey bacon offers an alternative for those who avoid pork due to dietary or religious restrictions.Most of the products we tested come from turkey thighs some cured, especially given the fact that he had spent about 200 more hours playing golf during his term than in his daily intelligence briefing. They discussed CNN ratings and Morgan opinionated persona on his show.

did think it was a mistake I have carried a gun,
new balance uk, and I am not trying to turn this into a gun debate for more than half of my adult life. I carry a weapon,
Louis Vuitton pas cher, Hannity said. have been around weapons, my parents were in law enforcement in a peripheral way, since I was a kid. It would be like me going to Great Britain. I don understand your love of the Monarchy,
dvd box There is also a handy to do manager that enables you to categorize tasks in three priority levels. Tasks can be alerted of, and for me to be critical of that is going to the core of a tradition and I don understand why you picked that issue. the Monarchy is not going to kill you, including three who went missing from Santa Ana last year,
michael kors canada, right? responded Morgan.